Oliso® PRO-1000 Vacuum Sealer Starter Kit

Starter Kit includes:

  • (1) PRO-1000 Vacuum Sealer
  • (1) Flexi Tube
  • (1) Zip Disc
  • (1) Medium Pantry Bag
  • (1) Wine+Olive Oil Freshkeeper
  • (3) Quart Frisper Bags
  • (2) Gallon Frisper Bags

Product Features:

  • Award-Winning Design, patented technology, Pro-1000 creates a tiny opening in the bag, removes air and creates an airtight heat seal
  • Easy, no-touch operation
  • Dual motor
  • Commercial vacuum power
  • Fits comfortably in a kitchen cabinet or counter top
  • Eco-Friendly:  BPA-free, reusable bags


  • Compatible with all Oliso vacuum sealer accessories
  • Two sealing options for moist or dry
  • Stop and seal for soft/breakable foods

Easy to Use

  • Automatic bag detection - just insert and go
  • Select "MOIST" or "DRY" settings for greater precision
  • Progress indicators
  • Large, easy clean drip tray
  1. So easy Review by Elizabeth

    I love this vacuum sealer. It is so quick and I love the fact the bags are reusable. (Posted on 2/7/12)

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  • Vacuum Power: 18" Hg+ 
  • Wattage: 66 watts
  • Power: Power: 120V AC, 60 Hz, 0.55 Amps
  • Drip Tray Capacity: 100 ml
  • Weight: 2.45 Ib
  • Product Dimensions: 210 x 171 x 106 mm

  • Download User Manual Here


How does the Oliso PRO-1000 Vacuum Sealer work?

With a Vac-Snap Bag

The PRO-1000 Vacuum Sealer works by creating a small hole in the bag and then vacuuming out the air from that hole. Once the air is removed, the Vacuum Sealer automatically creates a heat seal ring around the hole to prevent air from re-entering.  Each time you frisp, you’ll want to use a new circle on the Vacuum Sealer’s Vac-Snap™ bag.  For more information, or to see the PRO-1000 in action, you may wish to watch a demonstration video at: http://www.oliso.com/

With the Flexi Tube

The flat end of the hose attaches to the PRO-1000 Vacuum Sealer and the other end attaches to the accessory. When the lid is closed the PRO-1000 removes air from the attached container.

What can I frisp?

Top US uses are for coffee beans, nuts, cheeses, meats, and leftovers.  The beauty of the PRO-1000 system is that it allows easy, repeated access to foods, whereas traditional vacuum sealers have been used for fewer items because of their limited accessibility.


You can Frisp just about anything you want to keep fresher longer.  The PRO-1000 was designed first & foremost for solid foods; however, it also does a great job preserving other valuable items, from silvers (no air means no tarnishing) to silks (no moisture, no pests, no problem). For use with wet foods and liquids, we recommend wrapping the moist item in shrink wrap, applying light pressure to the lid during the seal cycle and/or vacuuming multiple times in the exact same location. Works with vac-snap bags, pantry bags, bottle stoppers and mason jar attachments.

Can I marinate with the PRO-1000?

Vac-snap bags

Vac-Snap bags work best with dry foods. If your food is moist (like raw meat), there is a removable liquid tray to contain the liquids.  However, the volume is limited so it is not ideal to for marinating.

Pantry bags

If a user is careful, they can use the pantry bags to marinate. The user will need to stop the unit by pressing the “open” button BEFORE and liquid is sucked into the flexi-tube. A pantry bag should NOT be reused if it is used for marinating purposes.

Can I use any zipper-top bag with the PRO-1000?

The PRO-1000 works exclusively with its own zipper top bags.  Traditional zipper top bags are designed to contain food, not to create an airtight, vacuumed environment.  PRO-1000’s Vac-Snap and Pantry bags, on the other hand, are designed for vacuum sealing and long-term preservation.  Among their unique features, they are specially textured on the inside to help facilitate air removal, they are multi-layered to lock out air and odors after sealing, and they are heavy-duty to handle heat sealing and repeated uses.  Each of the PRO-1000’s quart-size bags can be vacuum-sealed and reused 12 or more times, and the gallon-sized bags can be vacuum-sealed and reused 20 or more times each. Because of the valve, the pantry bags are infinitely reusable.

Can you re-seal anything other than Oliso’s bags? 

(For example, Sunbeam's food saver can re-seal bags of chips/crackers/cereal that have already had a commercial quality seal)

PRO-1000 is able to use Vac-Snap zipper-top bags because it vacuums out of a small hole and seals a heat ring around the hole.  Because of this, PRO-1000 is unable to seal along the length of a bag but this vacuum seal method allows the unit to be much smaller than other vacuum heat sealers.

How long does vacuum sealing keep food fresh?

As a general guideline, food can stay fresh up to 5x longer.  It is proven that vacuum sealing can prolong the freshness of most foods.  However, certain foods can release gases, so they should not be vacuum-sealed (garlic, mushrooms, soft cheeses, etc). See the food guide for a complete list.

Why shouldn’t Green Beans, Garbanzo Beans and Bananas be vacuumed Sealed?

These vegetables are known as off-gas vegetables.  This means that they naturally give off gas after they are picked.  When they are vacuum sealed, the gas will cause the bag to expand giving the impression that the bag has failed, that is why they are not recommended for vacuum sealing.

How is the PRO-1000 different from conventional vacuum sealers?

The PRO-1000 marks a significant step forward in vacuum sealing, with a number of unique benefits vs. more traditional vacuum sealers.  First, the PRO-1000 is significantly smaller than most other vacuum sealers, without compromising professional vacuum power – so you get the power you want in a device that fits easily on countertops and/or in drawers. Second, the PRO-1000 system uses its own special zipper-top bags, so you can easily access stored items without having to cut open each bag. Third, because of the zipper-top feature, you can reuse vac-snap bags up to 20+ times, making it very economical as well as convenient.

How is the PRO-1000 different from handheld vacuum systems?

The  PRO-1000 system offers professional strength vacuuming including a higher level of vacuuming than most battery-operated handheld systems can achieve.  This is important because it is the removal of air that keeps foods fresher longer.

Is the PRO-1000 compatible with other vacuum sealing systems?

Because the PRO-1000 is so innovative in how it approaches vacuum sealing, other systems and their products are not compatible with the PRO-1000. The flexi-tube is compatible with other companies’ (ex. FoodSaver) accessories. The most popular 3rd party accessory is the canister.

How do I store the PRO-1000?

We recommend that the unit should be stored with the lid unlocked. If it is stored locked, the foam pads can get too compressed over time, which may cause poor performance.


How does the PRO-1000 work?

PRO-1000 works by making a tiny hole in the bag, removing air from that hole, and then creating a small heat seal around the hole so that air cannot go back in the bag.

How do I know when the PRO-1000 is done vacuuming?

After you place a vac-snap bag and close the PRO-1000’s lid, the PRO-1000 will vacuum and seal the bag automatically.  The unit will stop on its own.  You will know when it is done because the vacuuming sound will stop and the PRO-1000’s side light will blink green.  Simply press the blinking button to open the PRO-1000 and remove the sealed bag.

What is going on while the PRO-1000 is running?

The electrical operation sequence of the PRO-1000 unit is as follows:

1.       Unit is idle.

2.       Pump activates.

3.       Pressure sensor activates heat seal.

4.       Pump and heat seal run simultaneously for 7.5 seconds.

5.       Unit automatically stops.

How do I vacuum seal softer foods that can be easily crushed, like bread or berries?

Oliso Vacuum Sealers are not recommended for use on such soft items (in their original state), as these items will be crushed.

There are two ways to vacuum fragile foods. (1) Par-freeze these items in an unzipped vac-snap bag for 15-25 minutes. Check the food to ensure it is semi-solid. Use the zip-disc to close the bag and proceed to sealing. (2) Place the fragile item in a "Tupperware" container with the lid on, but not sealed, so the food does not get squashed. Keep in mind that if the Tupperware is sealed, the vacuum may not reach the food inside.

What do the lights mean?

The PRO-1000 has one simple indicator light on its side. When the light is a steady green, it means the PRO-1000 is plugged in and ready for use.  The light will turn orange when the PRO-1000 is in operation, and will switch to blinking green to tell you that it is done vacuuming.

What is the typical operating time?

About 30 seconds.

The PRO-1000 unit currently has a 2-minute automatic time-out for the pump. This feature was intended to prevent the PRO-1000 from running forever if the user happened to walk away from a bag that has a hole in it (i.e. open zipper).

Can I use the PRO-1000 in an RV, boat or car?

The PRO-1000 can be used on a 12 V DC system on any RV, boat or car with the correct adapter plug. In this case, the PRO-1000’s AC adaptor is not needed.


What is included in the PRO-1000 starter kit?

The PRO-1000 Starter Kit comes with everything you need to get frisping.

1 PRO-1000 vacuum sealer (adapter included)

1 flexi tube
1 medium pantry bag
1 large pantry bag
 3 quart bags
 2 gallon bags

How small is the PRO-1000?

We designed the PRO-1000 to fit your life… and your home.  It’s just a little larger than your hand, so it should fit conveniently on your countertop or in a drawer.  The small size also makes it ideal for use on boats and RVs.

How much does the PRO-1000 weigh?

The PRO-1000 and AC adaptor each weighs a little less than one pound.

How much liquid does the drip tray hold?

About 1 ounce. When the user has not drained the drip tray and when it is filled to full capacity, the liquid will drain out of the bottom right side of the PRO-1000 (onto the counter).

What level of vacuum does the PRO-1000 pull?

About 1/2 an atmosphere (18" Hg) (pressure about 20 feet underwater)

How much power does the PRO-1000 require?

The unit operates with a 12 – 12.5V, 1.5A adaptor. Based this information, the wattage is approximately 18 – 19 watts.

Does the PRO-1000 require batteries?

The PRO-1000 needs to be plugged in to the AC Adaptor supplied with the PRO-1000.  You cannot run the PRO-1000 on batteries.

Can I use any AC Adaptor?

We recommend that you only use the AC Adaptor supplied with the PRO-1000.

Where is the PRO-1000 made?

We designed and engineered the PRO-1000 at our office in California. The manufacturing is now done in Asia.

What material is the PRO-1000?

ABS and PP (polypropylene) housing with a SAN (Styrene Acrylonitrile) drip-tray. Other materials include silicone and nylon.

What is the purpose of the orange ring and the silicone gasket?

Orange Ring:

Exists so that there is a hard surface for the sealing ring to press against during the seal cycle. It also acts as a guide to align with the sealing circle on the bag.

Silicone Gasket:

Keeps external atmosphere out of the PRO-1000/bag system.

We recently replaced the lower gasket assembly with a silicone gasket instead of a foam gasket because the foam gasket will be subjected to “compression set” when the user stores the unit with the lid locked. The silicone gasket has immediate shape recovery, so it does not have the compression set issue.

We have return analysis that indicates many users do tend to store the unit with the lid locked. A compressed gasket has a reduced height and will prevent the unit from functioning properly.


How do I clean the PRO-1000?

Your PRO-1000 is designed for easy cleaning. 

PRO-1000 unit

The outside can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

Drip tray

Inside, you may find that liquids collect in the drip-tray after vacuuming.  This is normal, and the removable drip-tray is dishwasher safe for convenient cleaning.  Before placing it in the dishwasher, you’ll want to first snap out the plastic insert containing the black gasket and orange ring.  You will want to remove the orange ring and wash by hand as it will fall out and get lost in the dishwasher.

Foam gasket

Remove the foam gasket and rinse with cool water and soap, if necessary.

Silicone gasket

The silicone gasket is much more durable. If the gasket is attached to the tray, the tray assembly can be placed in a dishwasher. If the gasket is removable, wash by hand as it will fall out and get lost in the dishwasher.

We also suggest you periodically give the bag puncture a washing – you can unscrew it, wash it in soap water, and then screw it back it back in place.

How should I store the PRO-1000?

The PRO-1000 is small enough to be left on your counter. But it can also be stored anywhere you like.  It is ideal to store the PRO-1000 with the lid closed but not locked down tight.

How can I make my PRO-1000 quieter?

We hear you.  And we are trying to make it quieter too, but for now we need to accept the fact that the noise level is inherent to its function, much like we have come to accept noise from our vacuum cleaners, blenders and espresso makers.

Are any parts replaceable / repairable? Where do I get spare parts?

Yes, if additional parts are needed please contact our customer service department by calling 1.800.481.7978 or e-mailing us at customerservice@oliso.com.



What sizes do the bags come in?





Small (3 cup dry weight capacity)

Medium (6 cup dry weight capacity)

Large (12 cup dry weight capacity)

How many bags are in each box?

1-quart bags come in a 20-count box

1-gallon bags come in a 14-count box

Small pantry bags come in an 8-count box

Medium pantry bags come in a 6-count box

Large pantry bags come in a 4-count box

Combo boxes are available on our website

How are the PRO-1000 Vac-Snap bags unique?

PRO-1000’s Vac-Snap bags are uniquely designed for vacuum sealing and long-term preservation.  Among their unique features, they are specially textured on the inside to help facilitate air removal, they are multi-layered to lock out air and odors after sealing, and they are heavy-duty to handle heat sealing and repeated uses.  PRO-1000 bags are high-quality, tri-layer bags with a zipper-top for easy access.

Are the bags recyclable?


Yes. The bags are reusable and #7 recyclable. Note: few US communities are equipped to handle #7.


Partially. The valves are not recyclable (there is silicon inside), so they must but cut out of the bag. The rest of the bag is #7 recyclable.

What are the bags made of?

They are multi-layers of nylon and polyethylene. The zipper is made of polyethylene. They are US FDA-approved for food storage and food heating.

How many times can I reuse the Vac-Snap bags?

There are circles on our bags to guide how many times you use them – we suggest 10 uses on the 1-quart bags, and 12 uses on the 1-gallon bags.  However you can use them even more if you go between the circles – just make sure you don’t overlap seals, because overlapping won’t let you vacuum. Please note we like to err on the side of caution, so we advise you not reuse bags that have contained raw meat, poultry or fish.

Do I need to use the circle guides, or can I frisp anywhere on the bag?

We encourage people to use the circle guides in order to ensure success each & every time you frisp.  That said, you can go all around the perimeter of the bag (except along the zipper-top), so long as you do not overlap seals.

Which side of the Vac-Snap bag should be face up during vacuuming?

So long as the bag is properly aligned with the PRO-1000 device, you need not worry about which side of the bag faces up – either way is just fine.

Can I use cling wrap to divide food into portions before vacuum packing?

Yes, but it is recommended to wrap the food more loosely so that the vacuum can still get inside the individual portions. This is also helpful when vacuuming moist items, because it reduces the amount of liquid run-off.

Can I cook or reheat in the Vac-Snap bag?

Vac-Snap bags are made of durable, multi-layered material. So do feel free to heat your food in boiling water or in the microwave. For the microwave, you may wish to open the zipper-top a little to allow steam to escape. Heating softens the bag material such that it cannot be reused for vacuum sealing.

In which environments are the bags safe?


Vac-Snap bags are suitable for multiple uses at room temperature and in the refrigerator, freezer, and dishwasher. They are 1-time microwave and 1-time simmer safe.


Pantry bags are NOT suitable for use in the refrigerator, freezer or for simmering, primarily due to concerns over the longevity of the valve when put under those conditions. It is possible that for a brief period of time, or one-time use it could work in these conditions. The pantry bags are best suited for dry, non-refrigerated goods.

How do I clean the PRO-1000 Vac-Snap bags?

The best way to clean your bags is with a sponge & soapy water.  Please note we like to err on the side of caution, so we advise you not reuse bags that have contained raw meat, poultry or fish.

Bottle Stopper
Mason Jar Attachment

Can I use the Masonjar Freshkeeper when the contents to be vacuum sealed are hot?

The contents of the jar should be cold or at room temperature to avoid steam vapors entering into the Flexi-tube.


Flexi Tube


Where can I buy the PRO-1000?

The PRO-1000 is available at stores nationwide, and online.  Please check our website http://www.oliso.com for more info on purchasing a PRO-1000 of your own.

Where can I buy bags and accessories?

Oliso bags and accessories are available in stores nationwide, and online.  Please check our website http://www.oliso.com for more info on purchasing additional bags and accessories.

Warranty, Returns, Exchanges

What does the PRO-1000 warranty cover?

The warranty covers all defects due to manufacturing.

How long is the PRO-1000 warranty?

The warranty is good for one full year (12 months).  Also, people who register their purchase, by mail or online, get a 3-month warranty extension, making it valid for 15 months.

How do I return or exchange my PRO-1000?

Please contact our customer service department by calling 1.800.481.7978 or e-mailing us at customerservice@oliso.com.

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Oliso® PRO-1000 Vacuum Sealer Starter Kit

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Product Description

When the question is how to keep your food items fresh the answer is the Pro-1000 Frisper Freshkeeper® vacuum sealer. Our multi-layered vacuum storage bags, combined with our patented punch-and-seal technology keeps food fresh up to 5 times longer. Stop cutting, reduce waste, and save time and money. Reusable heavy-duty zip-top bags make vacuum sealing a breeze while the easy to clean dishwasher safe drip tray holds up to 6 oz. of liquid. No touch operation - fully automatic bag detection means just insert and go. The Pro-1000 is among the highest quality home vacuum sealers with a dual motor, thousand hour tested pump, and microprocessor for precision control. Great for Sous Vide!

Winner of the Madrid Fusion 2011 Culinary Innovation Award and Housewares Design Award Finalist.

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