Kids’ Clothing Organizer

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Kids Clothing Organizer

Anyone who has kids knows that mornings can be hectic. Here at Oliso, we know getting our young kids dressed before daycare and school is one morning stressor we wanted to eliminate. 
Enter the clothing organizer. On Sunday evening we can place our little one’s clothing in the appropriate cubby (Monday, Tuesday, etc.) and our Director of Sales even takes it a step further – adding her son’s letter of the week sharing day item to Wednesday’s cubby and his soccer cleats to Friday. No more last minute trips to the convenience store for something, anything, for the all important preschool sharing day.
Our Director of Content created this super cute organizer which is so easy to create with the Oliso Mini Iron. It fits right in those cubbies to iron on the useful days of the week!  

Here’s how to make your own:


  1. Cotton Canvas closet hanging organizer
  2. Stencil letters: M T W TH F S
  3. Heat and Bond (paper-backed fusible webbing)
  4. ½ yard Linen fabric or fusible linen-like interfacing
  5. 6 different cotton fabrics for the backgrounds large enough to fit each letter
  6. Pencil, scissors
  7. Oliso Mini Iron

Kids Clothing Organizer DIY


  1. Draw stencils onto fusible interfacing (if using linen or cotton for the letters iron Heat and Bond onto the wrong side of fabric)

Kids Clothing Organizer DIY

  1. Cut out letters
  2. Iron Heat and Bond onto the wrong side of the background fabric

Kids Clothing Organizer DIY

4.Iron letters onto the right side of the background fabric

Kids Clothing Organizer DIY

Iron on projects Oliso Mini Iron

5.    Cut ¼” around the letters so the background fabric shows

Kids Clothing Organizer DIY

Kids Organizer DIY Oliso Mini Iron

6.    Remove the paper from the back of the letters and iron to the inside of each cubby

Kids Clothing Organizer DIY

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